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The regional role involves supporting the youth pastors, training, advocacy, helping churches find Youth pastors to employ and helping run events like Northern Easter Camp, Queens Birthday weekend and our annual Combined Denominational Youth Service.



The Big Six Blocks in Regional Youth Ministry


Leadership Training       

Inspire and equip youth pastors and leaders for ministry and mission/coaching youth pastors in their roles


Pastoral Care                     

Ensuring youth pastors and leaders are pastorally cared for to enable longevity/health



Building community, support and geographical unity for youth pastors and leaders



Making available tools for youth pastors and leaders for effective youth ministry


Human Resourcing         

First port of call for churches around youth ministry issues

Easter Camps

Core evangelistic and community ministry events for the Baptist movement



Blue Bradley

Interim Youth Ministry Support   

021 576 747


Youth Pastor Cluster Groups

Alan and Warren facilitate regular cluster groups to support Youth Pastors in our region. Please contact Alan or Wayne for details of the cluster group nearest you.

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