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Time between pastors provides a rich opportunity for congregations to reflect on their past, consider their present health, and re-imagine their future and mission together. Calling a Transitions Pastor to assist this good work is especially helpful after the departure of a long serving pastor, or when steady decline or ongoing conflict is a feature of a church, or where a pastor has left suddenly through misconduct, accident or ill health.


Transitions Pastors (aka Interim Pastors) provide a steady bridge between permanent pastors and can help with:

·        Rebuilding emotional and relational health in a troubled congregation

·        Reconnecting a congregation to their mission, community and denomination

·        Focused attention on a specific area of church or ministry life for a short season

·        Facilitating significant restructuring in the life of a church

·        Pastoral cover for sabbaticals, long service leave and extended sick cover

·        Crisis care following pastoral misfortune or misconduct


Contact Murray Cottle or Helen Brereton to find out more about a Transitions Pastor for your church


Murray Cottle    

M: 027 453 6052





Helen Brereton   

M: 0212747877




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