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The task of finding a new pastor is a significant responsibility for those appointed to a pastoral search committee. To ensure the pastoral search process is a success for your congregation, we strongly recommend you seek help from our Pastoral Search Advisor. Murray Cottle is able to brief a search team on the important issues in the search process, provide ongoing oversight and support, and guide you along the journey to finding the right pastoral leader or leaders for your congregation. Whether you are looking for a senior, a sole, an associate or a youth pastor, we encourage you to contact Murray early to help ensure a great outcome for you and the community you serve.


The Pastoral Search Advisor (also known as a Regional Consultant) is in touch with other churches and pastors in the region as well as Regional Mission Leaders around the country who maintain a list of churches looking for pastors, and of pastors looking for churches. Murray also works closely with our regional ministry coaches and national ministry team leaders to help congregations fill more specialised pastoral leadership positions.

We advise using your Pastoral Search Advisor from the earliest opportunity to get the process off on the right foot, including talking to your eldership and search team about the role, what to do and what not to do. From the moment your current pastor signals they are leaving, to the commissioning of your new pastor and beyond, Murray is available to walk your pastoral search team and church through the process. He is also available as an independent facilitator for the three and twelve month review processes recommended by the Baptist Union for all new pastoral appointments.


Murray Cottle    

M: 027 453 6052




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