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Lindsay Jones serves as the Multicultural Ministries Coach for the Northern Baptist Association. He works with the national Multicultural Inclusion Ministries Team.


He has 38yrs experience in pastoring Baptist churches and consulting with them in wider roles across the denomination. The churches he has served in have included increasing numbers of migrant peoples, and multi-ethnic staff teams. He holds a Masters of Ministry degree. He is responsible for mentoring and resourcing established and recently arrived ethnic pastors and their churches within the Northern region. He also wants to educate and equip existing churches to embrace the richness of being intercultural.


When not doing the things above, Lindsay can be found doing DIY projects or spending time with his eight grandchildren.



The Northern region continues to become more multicultural. This means there are immigrant churches wanting to join with the denomination or with local churches. It also means there are now many more cultures and languages represented in congregations, often as many as 30. Many parts of Auckland now have more than 50% of their population not born in New Zealand. 

While we are all learning what this means for us, it is an opportunity to be God's family together. The Association's Multicultural Consultant is available to assist immigrant churches become part of the Baptist family of churches. He is also here to work with pastors and elderships deal with either the multiple nationalities within a congregation, or with working with or integrating with, immigrant congregations.


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Lindsay Jones   

M: 021 546 379


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