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Church Processes

Church Discernment Process

Every Church needs to know why it exists in the place it is located. Invite the Association in to lead a process where the leaders and Church look at their history and present, leading to understand what the Lord is calling the Church to today. Call Rick Pierce to talk this over further.

Pastor Review Process

Pastor reviews can often feel quite negative for pastors. Ask the Association in to lead a process with the elders and pastor that will be informative and uplifting to all parties. Call Reti Ah Voa to discuss this further.

Church Maintenance Template

Too many Churches are being seriously affected from 

under-funding maintenance over the years. It is critical every Church, for every property asset, conducts a long term maintenance review. This template gives a good idea of the level of detail required. 


If you lack the necessary skill to carry out a competent maintenance review then the Association has a qualified person who can do this for you at a modest cost. Contact Wayne at the office, 09 582 0021, for the contact details.

Eldership Review Process

While it is normal to review a pastor's performance regularly, hopefully annually, it is less common for Elderships to do this. But it is just as important. Our suggestion is that an Eldership review its performance prior to a pastor performance review as the Eldership gives the context to the relationship between the Eldership and Pastor. Strengths and failings of the Eldership impact directly upon the pastor.

The review template is available online and will be mediated by an external Association person. Each of the Eldership fills out the template. The results are anonymous to the participants but the aggregated scores can be seen as well as comments. Questions cover areas such as Strategy and Planning, Structure and role, responsibilities and culture. 

A Church Discernment Process

Why is my Church here? Who are we trying to reach? What are our strengths? A discernment process seeks to answer these and many more questions so that the whole church, beginning with the leadership, know what God is calling them to in their specific location.

This is a facilitated process taking several months. There is a cost involved but we believe it is an essential process for all churches to undertake so they can plan confidently knowing God's direction.

For more information about these documents, get in touch with the Association Administrator 

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