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  • How to Start an Intermediate Ministry from Scratch I | Katie Aylwin and Joni Kuizinas

  • How to Start an Intermediate Ministry from Scratch II | Katie Aylwin and Joni Kuizinas

  • How to Find and Develop Leaders | Chriselle Lees-Thomas

  • What Does It Look Like to Keep Speaking the Gospel to Tweens? | Josh Van der Worp

  • How can you lead youth ministry with a focus on the Gospel | Steve Maina

  • Pastoral Care Systems for Youth Ministries | Jordan Farnum and Caleb Finlayson

  • How to Lead Your Team with Innovation and Creativity | Duane Major


  • How Can Youth Pastors Help Parents Care for Their Young People’s Mental Health | Matt Sharpe and Jo Appleby 

  • Spirituality for Gen Z and How to Connect With Them | Sam Kilpatrick 

  • Pastoral Care 101: How to care for and respond to my. young people's needs | Merr Withers

  • How to Be an Awesome Leader: Building my small group and team | Bonny and Troy Renata - Paul 

  • How to Engage Young People in the Bible | Stu Hastings

  • What Can I Do to Keep Growing with Jesus and Helping My Young People to Do the Same | Christa McKirland 

  • Games that Build Community | Alan Ameye and Caleb Finlayson

  • Emotional Trauma in the Lives of our Young People —How do you build relationships and help them heal? | Kim Wyatt

  • How to Avoid Burnout – Living Out of Ownership Not Obligation | Felix and Natasha Ellis from Soul Tour

  • How Do Yo Get Kids to Come Back? - A Forum Discussion | Mike Dodge 

  • How you can help your young people with their mental health in your capacity as caring volunteers | Jo Appleby

  • Helpful Tips When Engaging with LGBTQIA+ Young People in Youth Ministry | Rosie Flemming

  • Connecting with God, Growing in Spiritual Rhythms | Andy Banks

  • A Framework for Te Ao Maori Youth Work | Caleb Haurua & Luke Kaa’ Morgan

  • Self Care for Key Leaders and Youth Pastors Caring for myself so I can care for others | Merr Withers

  • Navigating the different life stages for Women in Ministry - A Panel Discussion | Helen Erceg, Chris Beales-White, Lindy Jacomb and Emma Wells

  • Rejoicing in Lamenting – What does God want us to do when we are guilty, grieving or angry? Learn to rejoice in lament and help your teens to too | Lindy Jacomb