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The Association has a qualified CA as its Administrator. He has worked as a church treasurer for many years so knows the practical issues facing churches and treasurers. He is available for advice. The Association also has some specified funds that are available either as loans or grants.



As well as financial and administrative advice the Association has specified funds, usually bequests designated for specific purposes. In the past modest funding has been granted towards church buildings, new or renovated. Funding can take the form of grants, low interest loans or loans at close to bank rates. With commercial banks now becoming wary of lending to churches other options, particularly Christian Savings Ltd, are becoming more important. The Association funds offer a top up often to bulk funding working in co-operation with Christian Savings.


Frances Leung2022_cooler_edited.jpg

Frances Leung

Kaitiaki Administration & Finance Assistant


P: 09 526 0333 X 852 (Office)

M: 021 125 9882

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